1Are the medicaments you offer a brand-name medicaments?

In our product catalogue, we offer both brand-name and generic medicaments.

2Please explain what do "generic" medicaments mean? Are they as efficient as the branded medicaments?

Brand-name medicaments differ from generic ones in title, form, color, and price. Generally, a name of generic medicament is based on the name of its active ingredient, whereas brand name is used by manufacturer in the name of branded medicament. Of course, manufacturers have patented their brand names, but it is not possible to patent any chemical agents; that is why generic drugs manufacturers can legally produce generic medicaments, or “generics”. Chemical composition and active ingredients of generic drugs are the same as of brand-name drugs; therefore, they produce the same effect. However, please note that you can get desired effect only in case if you carry out the instructions of your provider of medical care.

3Why is the price of generic medicaments so low?

The price of original brand-name medicaments includes expenses for research activities and promotion. Also, USA manufacturers are obligated to obtain a very expensive FDA approval for their medicaments. All mentioned costs are not incurred by generic medicaments manufacturers, therefore they do not include them in product price and you can get desired medicaments much cheaper.

4Why do the tablets I received from you look different from well-known brand-name medicaments? Why do they have different label on them?

As mentioned above, name and visual appearance of all brand-name medicaments are patented by their manufacturers. Manufacturers of generic medicaments cannot use patented names and appearance because it would be considered as violation of trademark rights. However, it is impossible to patent certain chemical agent; this is why manufacturers of generic tablets can easily use for their tablets the same active ingredients as branded tablets manufacturers. That is why generic tablets differ from branded ones in name, shape and color while having the same active ingredient and exactly the same medical effect.

5How can I be certain in your tablets quality?

Top-notch quality of the medicaments we sell is our high-priority goal. It is explained by successful trade politics. The number of customers directly depends on the quality of goods being sold. For this reason we select our suppliers very attentively, carrying out extensive testing of suppliers’ products and checking the products documentation, All medicaments we sell are produced in India by licensed Indian manufacturer having FDA certification in India.

6What is the period of validity for your tablets?

Expiration date is marked on each pill blister and depends on the batch in which tablet was produced. The period of validity for tablets we offer is 2 years from the date of production.

7You offer Viagra in 50mg and 100mg pills. What is the difference between them?

Yes, we indeed sell Viagra in 50mg and 100mg pills. They differ by the dosage rate of active ingredients in each tablet. The dosing of Sildenafil concentrate in 50mg and 100mg Viagra pills is 50 and 100mg respectively. Normal effective dosage for this preparation is 50mg. However, please note that Sildenafil effect on different people is different. This is why it is recommended to start with 25mg of active ingredient, which equals a half of the pill; If the effect of 1/2 of pill is not enough for you, then please take a whole 50mg pill.

8How different are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Soft and Regular?

Difference between these medicaments is given in the table below:
Medication Name Dosing Time before medication starts acting Medication intake method Fatty food/alcohol Effect duration
Viagra 50mg, 100mg 1 hour take washing down with a glass of water no 3-4 hours
Viagra Soft 50mg, 100mg 15 - 20 minutes chew until completely dissolved no 6 hours
Cialis 20mg 30 minutes take washing down with a glass of water no 36 hours
Cialis Soft 20mg 15 - 20 minutes chew until completely dissolved no 24 - 36 hours
Levitra 20mg 10 minutes - 1 hour take washing down with a glass of water no 12 hours

9How can I pay for my order?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit and debit card payments
  • ACH Payments
  • Bitcoins
  • Western Union or Moneygram (for orders over $500 usd)
How to convert cash into Bitcoins:
If you are new to Bitcoins, you should read the introduction and general overview of the payment system at: WeUseCoins.com  There they will recommend one of the first steps you take is to download a Bitcoin wallet.  An easier step for the less technically inclined individual is to use an online Bitcoin wallet.  One easy to use (and free) online Bitcoin wallet is: BlockChain My Wallet.  We recommend that European customers use Bitstamp.netor Intersango.com (you can use SEPA or wire transfers to fund your Bitcoin wallet), and that US customers use CampBx.comCoinbase.com, orIntersango.com (you can easily use Dwolla.com to fund your Bitcoin wallet at CampBx or Intersango).  Please note that your Dwolla account must be more than 30 days old before you can purchase digital currency (Bitcoins included).  European customers may opt to use Instawire.org.  Another popular service that allows people to purchase digital currencies is AurumXchange.com

10When will you charge my credit card?

The order is processed as follows: 1. Once you fill in the checkout form and click the "Submit order" button, our processing centre receives your information, checks it and then charges your credit card. 2. After payment authorization, order is approved and processed.

11Is it safe to submit my sensitive information on your website?

The security of our customers’ sensitive information is our primary concern. We take the sufficient measures to protect your information. The page for order submission is the secure page. You can check it by presence of padlock icon in the browser window; it proves that information on the page is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted. Also you can check whether the page is security encrypted by looking at the page address, it should start from "https:" instead of "http:" for insecure page.

12What countries do you ship your orders to?

We ship our orders almost all over the world, except few countries in Asia.

13What type of pack do you utilize? Should I sign for delivery receipt?

As your privacy is our primary concern, we use discrete envelope for sending the order. This envelope will be put into your mailbox. In case of shipment by Standard Mail, no sign from you will be necessary.

14How soon will you dispatch the purchase?

We need about 1-3 days after you submit your order to dispatch the purchase, After receiving your order, we need some time to check it and verify your shipping information. Then purchased product is packed and sent to the addressee.

15What shipping methods do you use? How soon will I receive my purchase?

Presently we offer two following shipping methods:
  1. Express International Mail: using this service, you will be able to track the delivery status by the tracking number, which will be sent to you after shipping the order. Refer to your account section. However, in some cases we reserve the right to ship your order without providing the tracking number but still with Express Mail delivery time. Generally, this is done when we need to secure the delivery to some European countries or Canada.
  2. Standard International Airmail: tracking of packages sent by this postal service is not available.
Shipping Method Charge Delivery period Tracking
Express International Mail * $30 5-9 days yes
Standard International Airmail $10 10-21 days no
* Please note that Express International Mail shipping method will not be available in case if you indicate a mail forwarding address (for example, PO box, UPS store, General delivery, APO/FPO, Post restante address), inn or educational institution as your delivery address, or if you provide us an incorrect phone number. Delivery period indicated above is expected delivery period that is generally true, but we cannot guarantee it for all cases because of probable force majeure cases indicated below. We are not responsible for delays related to customs examinations of international mail. We are also not responsible for delays related to mail troubles for the period of Christmas and New Year holidays, natural catastrophes, industrial disturbances and other occasions interrupting mail activity beyond our control.

16My parcel is damaged or some product is missing. What should I do?

When this occurs, please contact our customer support and let us know your problem. There are two options: 1) we resend the parcel; 2) we refund your money. For details, please refer to our Policies. Please be informed that orders with amount of 90 tablets or more are shipped in two or more packages.

17Do I need to pay anything if you resend the package?

Product is reshipped at no expense on your side. We will do it at our own expense.

18How can I change my shipping information if my order has not been yet dispatched?

You can send us a message to change your shipping details or cancel the order.

19What if I want to cancel my order?

Please refer to our Reimbursements and Returns Policy.